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Welcome to Impressed Launderette, we are a local family run business providing high quality washing, dry cleaning and ironing services to Blackpool and the surrounding areas including South Shore, Blackpool, Bispham, Cleveleys and Poulton.

We work with both domestic and commercial customers such as Hotels and Guest Houses to wash, iron and dry clean clothing and household items such as bedding, duvets, towels and table cloths. We uphold the highest standards of cleanliness in both our machines and premises while priding ourselves in our reliability. Our services are competitively priced and provide fantastic results to our customers, try us out to see for yourself. We are located at 54 Holmfield Road, Blackpool, Lancs, FY2 9RU. If you have any questions or want to book our services including collection and delivery please email us at or call 07387560947 or 07581249161.

Opening Times

Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm
Saturday: 9am - 1pm



Great launderette was recommended by a friend was in a rush and needed a service wash asp, Louise the owner was lovely and got it done for me in a couple of hours even though they were very busy definitely being using them from now 😀

Sparkz Electrical

Fabulous service and very friendly staff too...i also found the premises were spotless their name says it all and i for one was totally impressed

Anna D.

Have used impressed for a commercial service and I was very impressed with the service I got wouldn't hesitate to use again highly recommended

Helen M.

Friendly local and efficient family run business. Easy access with free parking outside! Collection & delivery available and dry cleaning services also offered! Best I’ve used, fast turnaround and won’t go anywhere else now!

Katrina K.

Very polite people very good prices I am very pleased 10 out of 10 would highly recommend

Ian P.

Really amazing service given to my boss , fast turn around , reliable and all round lovely family business

Sarah G..


Wash your items


We keep our washing machines pristine clean and in tip top condition to give you the best washing service around. You can load and set our machines yourself or if you need a little help or advice ask one of our team. Our machines will look after your clothes and give great results.

Washing Machines in the Launderette at Impressed Launderette Blackpool offering services for both commercial and domestic customers
Iron your items and clothes


We offer a professional ironing service to have your clothes, shirts and other household items expertly ironed and pressed. We also have commercial ironing equipment for our business clients to make sure our services are of the highest standards.

Ironing split image using iron and ironing board and commercial ironing equipment in the Launderette at Impressed Launderette Blackpool offering services for both commercial and domestic customers
Remove tough stains

Dry Cleaning

Remove any stains from your clothing, sheets, duvets or suits with our excellent dry cleaning service. We can remove tough stains because of the powerful machines we use and knowhow we have gained from years in the industry. If you need a tough stain removed, let us help.

Impressed Launderette shop front Blackpool offering services for both domestic and comercial customers such as hotels, guest houses, nursing homes, restaurants and sports teams.


Let us know if you have any questions or need any help with your washing, ironing or dry cleaning.

07387560947 or 07581249161

54 Holmfield Road, Blackpool, Lancs, FY2 9RU


Just some of the items we can help you wash, if you have anything else please contact us and we will do our best to help.

Commercial Washing

We can deal with large batches for hotels and other businesses contact us for information.


Get your towels feeling soft, clean and smelling amazing.


Duvets, bedding sheets and pillow cases, keep them all smelling fresh and clean.


We can look after many types of dresses, give us a call if your unsure.

Sports Teams

We can wash and dry full sports kits from Football & Rugby to Netball and any others.

washing machine image for impressed washing, dry cleaning and ironing services blackpool offering services for both domestic and commercial customers

Domestic Washing

Get your household wash expertly cleaned in our high quality washing machines.


Get your shirts cleaned and professionally pressed to look great.


Have your suit cleaned by us to look new again you wont believe the difference we can make.


The convenience of having your washing picked up from your home or business.


We will also return your washing to your premises washed and pressed.


Impressed Launderette excel in washing, dry cleaning and ironing your domestic laundry. We serve Blackpool and the surrounding area offering our customers the use of our fantastic machines and helpful staff to make sure you get the optimum wash for your items.

We can help with all your domestic washing from clothes to suits and dresses. We are experts in getting laundry clean and in the best condition which is great for school uniforms and sports kits as well as work and medical uniforms.

Bedding is an area we can make a real difference, a clean fresh bed can help you sleep better improving both your mental and physical health. As well as cleaning sheets and pillow cases we can clean duvets of any size. Make sure you take advantage of our fantastic services and get your bedding cleaned properly to an excellent standard. We even throw in a free duvet bag to keep your duvet fresh, clean and in the best condition on the way home and in storage.

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High quality washing machines in the Impressed Launderette Blackpool offering washing, dry cleaning and ironing services to Blackpool and the surrounding area for clothes, bedding, duvets, sports kit, school uniforms, work uniforms, medical uniforms and more.
Impressed Launderette Commercial Washing and Ironing Equipment to serve Blackpool and the surrounding area including Hotels, Guest Houses, Nursing Homes, Restaurants, Sports Teams and more for items such as bedding sheets, towels, table cloths, sport kits, work uniforms and more.


We serve commercial clients throughout Blackpool and the surrounding area, providing our services in washing, dry cleaning and ironing whatever they need. We have decades of experience dealing with commercial clients laundry and can offer a very competitive price for high quality and reliable results.

We use commercial ironing equipment allowing us to effectively press bedding sheets and other items to the highest standard while keeping our prices competitive. Here are just a few of the ways we can help local businesses:

  • Hotels/Guest Houses: Towels, Bedding Sheets, Pillowcases and Duvets
  • Restaurants: Table Cloths, Seat Covers, Napkins
  • Nursing Homes: Towels, Bedding Sheets, Pillowcases, Duvets and Table Cloths
  • Sports Teams: Kits including socks, shorts, tops etc..
  • Caravan Sites: Towels, Bedding Sheets, Pillowcases, Duvets and Seat Covers

If your need is not listed above please contact us to see how we can help deal with your business laundry.

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Impressed Launderette Commercial Washing Equipment


Quilts Washed & Dried:

K Size


Bedding Laundered and Ironed includes Pillowcases & Fitted Sheets:

Single Set
Double Set
K Size Set


Dry Cleaning & Wet Cleaning Available

Ironing from (per item):


Throws and Blankets cleaned
Towels Freshly Laundered

Ironing Prices

Trousers with crease
Single Sheet
Single Duvet Cover
Double Sheet
Double Duvet Cover
King Sheet
King Duvet Cover
Super King Sheet
Super King Duvet
Table Cloths:

Opening Times

Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm
Saturday: 9am - 1pm